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Welcome to Incarnation Institute for Sex & Faith


As lovers of the body and the spirit, we know what love looks like. So, as the walking wounded grab the headlines preaching exclusion and judgment, we must love wildly, loudly, and, perhaps, even indiscriminately and irrationally. As the culture reels we hold sobbing bodies, comfort the terrified ones, befriend the stranger, protect the marginalized, and advocate for life ... everybody's life. That is what love looks like.


The Board and Advisors of the Incarnation Institute for Sex & Faith and our supporters are committed to the basic principle of the sacredness of all bodies. That is why our mission is to teach people to love their bodies (and the bodies of others) like God does!

All of us have a choice: We can move into the future and allow death-dealing voices to lead us to our inevitable destruction. Or, we can speak up, speak out, and make our world a safer place for all of our beautiful, many-gendered, many colored, many loving bodies. Which will it be? Love is the answer, not as a feeling but as compassion-in-action. Now is the time.

Support Our Work!

When you support IISF, you allow more people living in sex-negative darkness to have access to the light of a sex-positive Christianity.  We are constantly presenting programs, creating new resources, and building a group of Certified Sex and Faith Educators- professional pastors and sex therapists who bring the liberation of sex-positive Christianity into their communities and their work.  Any amount is welcome, and every bit counts.  Whether it’s $1000 to send 5 professionals through our training on partial scholarships, or $5 thrown in the bucket just to say “I’m here for this!”, we are humbled and grateful to have you as part of this illuminating work.

Why We're Here

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