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What Wondrous Love is This: Polyamory & Christianity
2-Part Webinar

4-Part Instructional Webinar:
What to do when Religious Beliefs are Inconsistent with Science

We have a dilemma when our religion is teaching about sexuality in a way that can either harm our intimate relationships or damage our own sexual self-esteem. Nowhere is this more evident than in teachings about pleasure, homosexuality, gender, and abstinence. Led by ordained and sex-positive clergy, this program will provide ways to rethink religious sex-negative teaching with a critical mind and how to reframe how we can practice our faith while also being sexually healthy. 

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4-Part Instructional Webinar:

Reading the Bible with Sex-Positive Eyes

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Introduction to the Bible and Sex-Negativity ($30)

Discerning Truth, Discerning Culture ($30)

Sex in the Bible: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly ($30)

Sex: How? When? Under What Circumstances? ($30)

Purchase all 4 videos for $100

READING THE BIBLE WITH SEX-POSITIVE EYES was created as a response to the many sexual crises that have developed as a direct result of erotophobic Christian teaching about the body. We believe the central tenet of Christianity is incarnation, the teaching that God-Became- Flesh and lived(s) among us. Although the stories of the life and ministry of Jesus show us how to be spiritual beings in these physical bodies, the Christian Church had very few positive things to say about sensuality and sexuality. But, if we can’t see the positives, then we certainly miss the theological connections between the body injustices as well.

Using the framework of a justice-centered gospel and, in simple terms, this four-part curriculum explains how Jesus’s teachings were morphed into suspicion of the body and pleasure, and twisted into current harmful repressive teachings (#1). It addresses the seduction of culture and the cultural distortion into “religious truth” (#2). Various biblical passages used to justify repression are examined and critiqued, while an alternative sex-positive narrative is presented (#3), and finally, in this context of sexual freedom, a framework for a moral sexual ethical decision-making process is presented. (#4). This work builds on the crucial theological work of a wide group of Christian liberation theologians that include feminists, womanists, post-colonialists, and queer scholarship.


There is good news about sexuality in the Bible and in the life and teachings of Jesus. Let’s celebrate the body and all its needs and desires, and work for justice for our body-selves. The webinars can be purchased singly ($30) or as a package ($100).

Speaker - Rev. Dr. Beverly Dale

The Rev. Dr. Beverly Dale designed and produced this series. She has served as a solo pastor in a congregation where the full range of sexuality issues was apparent; adolescent sexuality, pederasty, secret affairs and sexual betrayals, and closeted homosexuals. She also has served as an ecumenical campus minister at an Ivy League campus where she became conversant with the issues and struggles for young adults, both in the "hook-up culture" & in the sexual minority communities. She is a published author and a playwright, having produced and performed a one-woman show. Currently, she is a clergy-in-residence at a suburban parish outside Philadelphia, and she teaches religion and sexuality at Lancaster Theological Seminary. Along with sex therapist Rachel Keller, she co-authored Advancing Sexual Health for the Christian Client: Data and Dogma (2019 Routledge)

She received her doctorate from Chicago Theological Seminary and holds a masters in sociology from Illinois State University, where she specialized in marriage, family, and sexuality.

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