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Discussion Guide 

A companion to the YouTube Series: Sex is Good

Let’s talk about sex and God, our bodies, sensual pleasure, and faith! We at the Incarnation for Sex and Faith believe that a worthy goal for righteous living is to enjoy sexual health, positive sexual self-esteem and satisfying intimate relationships.  But how do we get there? First, we need to break through the sex-negativity that is so rampant in the Christian church, by reframing sexual issues using a biblically based and scientifically grounded perspective.  The video series Sex is Good (free on YouTube) lays out simple but radical sex-positive Christian perspectives, on specific issues related to sexuality. 


This Discussion Guide was written collaboratively by members of the board of IISF, which includes scholars in theology and experts on human sexuality.  For each video, this Discussion Guide provides biblical passages to study, scientific research to explore, as well as personal reflection and group discussion prompts.  Whether you use this guide for individual study, in a youth group/Sunday School class, or just between you and your BFF, we hope it will help you think about your own faith and your attitudes toward physical pleasure in ways that bring you liberation.  Leaving behind sexual guilt, body shame, and fear of judgment, we can become sex-positive Christians who fully appreciate the Creator’s exclamation in Genesis 1, that all of creation - including our sexuality - is “very good!” Let us know what you think!   

36-Page PDF File ($30)

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