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About the Incarnation Institute for Sex & Faith


People will love their sexual bodies and those of others as God does.



To teach an inclusive, science-friendly, sex-positive Christianity



  • Sexual Diversity is a natural trait to be celebrated.

  • Sexual Pleasure is a sacred gift to be treasured.

  • Sexual Freedom is a human right to be personally discerned & morally exercised.

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Teaching an inclusive, science-friendly, and sex-positive Christianity.


We are a group of professionals in the fields of Christianity and sexology. We believe in:

  • a pleasure-centered Christian gospel of abundance and grace 

  • the moral framework Jesus modeled; respect and mutuality, inclusivity and diversity, nurturance and affirmation as the basis for both sexual decision-making and righteous relationships

We use: 

  • the creative arts that resonate with the spirit as a way toward sexual healing

  • the dialogue between science-based scholarship, biblical teaching and our Christian faith to inform our understanding of intimacy and sexual health

What people are saying...

"Rev. Bev re-connects the sacred and the sexual in a way that they become the seamless garment I think God intends."

"She is as engaging as she is inviting and deals with things in a fresh insightful fashion."

“Beverly did a masterful job of guiding our congregation to think about pleasure and sensuality as gifts from God.  Through her unique style of creativity and conversation, she helped participants to feel comfortable talking with one another about things that often don’t get discussed within the walls of churches.”

-Matt, a workshop participant

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Letter of Recommendation

Dr. Beverly Whipple, a renowned certified sexuality educator, counselor, and researcher, is a major supporter of IISF. She is on our Advisory Team and we are honored that she supports our efforts!

Below is an excerpt from her letter of recommendation.

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"I have seen the need for faith-based positive sexuality education both nationally and Internationally. Indeed, it is obviously evident in my own local Presbyterian congregation (PCUSA) and wider denomination as they have struggled particularly with issues of sexual orientation and same sex marriage. I am honored to be an Advisor for this organization as way to help encourage. the faith community to be involved in positive sexual health. 


I fully support the mission of the institute and am prepared to provide advice and support as needed. I trust that others will also see the vast need for a theologically grounded sex education that supports sexual health and reproductive freedom and values sexual diversity and will become involved to support the mission and goals of the institute as I do"

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