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GOAL $10,000 (Phase #1)

Professional training program for sexologists and religious leaders.


Your gifts will help us:

1) IDENTIFY leading thinkers and researchers, $2,500

2) INTEGRATE the curriculum of sexology and theology, $4,500

3) ORGANIZE and train the leadership team, $3,000


OUR FOCUS is to train pastors and religious professionals in basic sex education and to teach sexologists in basic Christianity that contradicts the shame-based and guilt-inducing religious teaching. We are building a unique training opportunity.


This is the first step.

It's time!

Check out these gifts for our supporters - OUR WAY of SAYING THANK YOU!


$75 - become a Missionary of Pleasure! (includes our Missionary of Pleasure card, pledge, and button) or

  • Membership card                                                      $25.00

  • Membership card and Pledge                                   $30.00

  • Missionary of pleasure button                                  $50.00

(All gifts of $100 or more will include the Missionary of Pleasure pack as well.)


$100 - receive an autographed book written by one of our IISF Advisors

$200 - choose 2 books

$500 - choose 4 books

  Book Options:

  • ​On the Couch (2013), Michele Angello

  • Out of the Shadows into the Light, Christianity and Homosexuality (2009), Miguel De La Torre

  • A Lily Among the Thorns, Imagining a New Christian Sexuality (2007), Miguel De La Torre

  • Black Bodies and the Black Church: A Blues Slant (2014), Kelly Brown Douglas

  • Sexuality and the Black Church, a Womanist Perspective (1999), Kelly Brown Douglas

  • Making Love Just: Sexual Ethics for Perplexing Times (2012), Marvin Ellison

  • Sensuous Spirituality (2008), Virginia Ramey Mollenkott

  • Is the Homosexual my Neighbor? (1997), Virginia Ramey Mollenkott

  • Omnigender (2007), Virginia Ramey Mollenkott

  • Sex + Faith, Talking with your Child from Birth to Adolescence (2013), Kate Ott

  • The G spot (2005), Beverly Whipple

  • The Science of Orgasm (2006), Beverly Whipple

  • The Orgasm Answer Guide (2010), Beverly Whipple


$1,000 - 1-hour consultation via phone or Skype with an advisor of your choice

  • Dr. Beverly Whipple, a leading expert on sexual matters but especially the G-spot and women’s sexuality.

  • Michele Angello, a counselor on sexuality issues especially in the sexual minority communities and an international expert on trans youth.

  • Dr. Virginia Mollenkott, a renowned author on the Bible and sexuality especially sexual minority communities.

  • Dr. Kate Ott, an ethicist with interest in how to talk to your youth about sex and faith.

  • Chris Paige, a specialist on the religious and political landscapes for trans people.

  • Rev. Dr. Beverly Dale, pastor and founder of IISF specializing in sexual diversity and sexual freedom especially non-traditional relationships.


$5,000 - a program on sex and faith

We will bring to your local community a unique sex positive faith program that features two graduates from our program, a sex educator and sex-positive Christian leader. 


$10,000 - 30-hour educational program

Rev. Dr. Beverly Dale, our founder, will organize and present this prototype of our training to your area for your organization or community.

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