Professional Leadership Training (Level #1)

Teaching an inclusive, science-friendly, sex-positive Christianity with Online Sessions

This intensive training is for those who have successfully completed at least 1 year of academic training in theology or human sexuality/ sex therapy. Rev. Dr. Beverly Dale, founder of the IISF, and Rev. Lacette Cross, a sex-positive clergy who has been trained by IISF, will facilitate the first virtual edition of Level #1 professional training. It will take place in 8 real-time sessions (weekly) February through March 2022.

This program meets the requirements of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) and is approved for 40. AASECT CE credits. These CE credits may be applied toward AASECT certification and renewal of certification. Completion of this program does not ensure or guarantee AASECT certification.


The purpose of this educational training weekend is to give tools to those theological and sexological professionals who are on the front lines and confronted with the reality of both the sexual wounding and ignorance of parishioners, clients, and students that diminishes sexual potential and creates personal and interpersonal difficulties. The tools we provide show how to frame a different narrative than the traditional one that has been promoted since the earliest Church Fathers. It joins a sex-positive, biblically grounded Christian gospel focusing on pleasure, grace, and abundance with scientific research of what constitutes healthy sexuality and satisfying intimate relationships. The goal is to teach clergy to become more aware of sexual diversity and the extent of sexual wounding and teach sexologists a liberating Christian teaching that supports sexual health and well-being.

Coordinated under the leadership of an ordained Christian clergy this training is advised by a team of nationally recognized sexologists and academic theologians and practitioners whose academic research and liberative perspective are included in the curriculum (see Advisors). In addition, this training includes significant opportunities for participants to interact with those from a contrasting discipline thereby enriching the wealth of experiences, knowledge, and insights of professional colleagues.


  • “How to Reframe Christian Theology to Remove the Sex-Negativity”

  • “When is Sexual Freedom Not Free?”

  • “How did the Church Became so Sex-Negative?”

  • “Who Resists Sexual Justice?”

  • “How do Race and Class intersect with Homophobia and Sexism?”

The required text is Advancing Sexual Health for the Christian Client, Data & Dogma by Beverly Dale and Rachel Keller (2019) and will be provided upon receipt of full payment of the registration fee or, if the weekly payment plan is selected, by the first day of the course.  Additional designated readings, videos, and projects will be assigned weekly.


  • Application requirements: 

    • Completed application form 

    • contact information of two references, one personal and one professional

    • a 300-500 word essay providing the reasons for wanting this training

    • non-refundable earnest deposit of $50-$100. (This will be applied to the registration fee. If the applicant is not selected it will be refunded in full.)

  • Once selected for consideration a phone interview will follow for final approval.

  • The assumption is made that all applicants are mature and take full responsibility for their own psychological healing and sexual wounding.


Attending Level #1 training does not obligate participants to attend Level #2 but it is encouraged. A separate application for subsequent training and certification is required.


Registration fees are tiered depending on CEUs and method of payment:


Registrants earning CEUs: $400

Non-CEU registrants: $300


Payment plans available: $50 deposit followed by pro-rated payments due before each class.


Registration Fee includes: Continuing access to IISF copyrighted material, IISF Resource Sheets, Dale/Keller textbook, and access to all training power points.  

Your deposit of $50 can be paid below

What clergy and sexologists are saying about this training:

  • "It engaged my heart and my intellect, was presented clearly, and was well-developed."

  • "I believe this to be the kind of training that people can take out into all facets of their world and communities. Our influence has been and will continue to expand."

  • "This training helps us all do more healing work with the faith based community. It allows us to articulate that it’s okay to love pleasure and God!"

  • "….left me wanting more than I received, affirmed there is a lot of work to be done and that I am not alone in my efforts to address a significant challenge …(in our) approach to sexuality."



Certification Requirements for Sex & Faith Educators